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ABC Colours and Shapes

Learming Video Collection

Two Dogs

An unfortunate dog whose name is Lucky and an arrogant prize bulldog, become neighbours. The pampered bulldog has no sympathy for the starving mongrel. By a chance encounter with a wealthy man, both are brought face-to-face with the reality that they are merely two dogs – a suggestion which thoroughly angers the haughty bulldog. The sudden death of their masters, bring both to terms with a very bleak future ahead. However, constant hardship had prepared the mongrel well for such a situation, while the other contemplates the hard times ahead with great fear.

Abubakar and The Robbers

Abubakar was a poor woodcutter , until he discovered the secret cave where robbers hid their loot. He took some of the treasure away but the thieves notice that they have been robbed. They make several attempts to kill Abubakar and thereby keep their secret safe, but Abubakar is rescued by Halimah, his devoted house-girl.


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