What you should feed your children



Here are some general guidelines to help you figure out what to feed your growing children.

1. Breakfast:
It's extremely important to give your kids breakfast so that they start off the day with energy. Healthy choices included fresh fruit, oatmeal, whole wheat breads, and mixed nuts. Stay away from most commercial cereals as they contain refined white flours where the vitamins and nutrients have been stripped from the grain.

2. Healthy Beverages:
Instead of sugary sodas or juices that are concentrated with sugars, make sure that your child is drinking enough water throughout the day. Add a slice of orange to give the water some flavor. Another healthy beverage for the summertime is pure unsweetened coconut water. If your child really loves juice give them a 1/2 cup but dilute it with water. They are better off eating whole fruit as the fruit contains fiber which the juice does not contain.

3. Healthy Snacks:
Fresh or dried fruit, baby carrots, celery sticks, mixed nuts, humus, unsweetened almond or peanut butter, brown rice cakes.

4. Vegetables:
Vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that growing children need. Experiment with different vegetables to find the ones your child likes. If your child hates spinach then don't serve them that, instead cook the ones that they do like. If children are introduced to vegetables at a young age they will continue to eat them as they grow older.

It often takes 8-10 exposures before a child will try something new. Have your child help you cut foods into fun shapes which will get them involved with their food and make them more likely to eat the food. You can purchase cookie cutters and other types of cutters from craft stores, such as Michael's. And one last suggestion, which is key, children emulate their parents, so if they see you drinking soda and eating junkfood that is what they're going to want to eat. Be a good role model, eat healthy!


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