Should you give your child coffee ?



Can children benefit from drinking coffee? This certainly is an interesting question. Most of us as parents try to avoid giving our children food and drink that may be bad for them. But what is bad for children? We know that sweets are bad for children because they can get really hyper and that their teeth can go bad. We know that lack of sleep is bad for children because they will be end up being very cranky. We believe that coffee too is bad for children because it is not good for adults either.

The question is "is coffee bad for you in the first place?" many adults themselves believe that the answer to coffee consumption is very straightforward. They do firmly believe that coffee is bad for them. The truth is that coffee has both positives and negatives, and consuming the right quantity of coffee a day is the key to gaining maximum benefits out of drinking coffee. Let's read on to find out whether this belief is true or not.

Is coffee bad for you?

Coffee is not bad for you. The truth is any food in moderation including coffee can be very beneficial. Each food source including coffee has something to give to the body. We all know that a little bit of coffee can help you concentrate, can help you feel more energetic and alert, can act as a painkiller and can help regulate bowel movement.

The truth is that coffee can do a lot more for you. It can help prevent some serious illnesses like Alzheimer's, dementia, Parkinson's disease and even some forms of cancer.

Can children drink coffee?

Coffee is not as bad for children as we may feel. But regulating coffee intake for children can be very difficult. How do you know how much coffee you can give for your child? For some children even a little bit may be too much. With children, anything can form a habit that is hard to break quite quickly. A little bit of coffee which may have seemed insignificant at the start can end up being a serious problem where you child may be hyper all the time and sleeps very little.

In order to avoid having your child experience negative impacts of too much coffee, it is best that they don't drink more than a few sips once in a while. A few sips can actually aid in concentration skills and help them stay alert. However, regular intake of strong coffee can actually be bad for children.

- Lesley Peters

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