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Parenting can be challenging. To bring up a child requires many different types of parenting skills. An important and yet challenging skill is to be able train and educate a child to become responsible and to learn appropriate ways to behave. This skill is often referred to as discipline, and to be really effective parents need to discipline their children in a positive way Positive discipline can be difficult at times, however, it has valuable benefits for the child because it helps them grow up to become responsible self disciplined adults. Positive discipline strategies also pay a large part in reducing the chaos, conflict, and stress within the home. This article explores some keys to effective positive child discipline with some valuable discipline tips for parents to use when disciplining their children.

The way a parent disciplines needs to be adapted to the child's personality,age, and developmental stage. As a parent, using positive discipline will protect your child from danger as well as helping them develop the important foundational habits of a self discipline, responsibility, and the ability to make good choices.

Effective child discipline is fair. It is important that any consequence of a child's bad behavior assigned by a parent is fair. The consequence of the child's actions should be related to the misbehavior and at the same time not be too severe or too lenient.

When a parent uses positive discipline strategies children learn to be respectful of their parents authority. However, if a child is disciplined unfairly, the parent loses the child's respect. The way the discipline is implemented is an important factor in building trust and respect from the child. If a parent shouts and yells, humiliates or treats the child disrespectfully it becomes almost impossible for the child to trust and respect the parent.

By giving children limited choices about what they are to do, parents can discourage bad behavior. Children appreciate the opportunity to make decisions and in giving them that opportunity, it tends to have a positive effect.. Naturally, certain rules need to be in place in order to protect the safety of your child so make sure that the choices that you give your child are in their best interests in terms of health and safety.

When parenting it is important to focus on the positive behavior of your child rather than the negative. Unfortunately some children feel that they only get attention from parents when they do something wrong in this encourage encourages bad behavior because then they get the attention they crave. Parents can be very busy, however, it is important to spend quality time with your child every day. As a parent you are the primary role model for your children, and they will learn more by the way you demonstrate love for them, and by setting them a good example than by listening to what you say. In children's developmental years it's so important for parents to hug and cuddle the children and praise them for positive behavior. It's important also for parents to try to understand why child may be angry or upset, as well as addressing an acceptable behavior.

Parents learn on the job when raising their children, and of course this also applies to child discipline. Sometimes it can feel a lonely place when decisions such as effective discipline strategies need to be made to address challenges in child behavior. Typically there are many different types of advice available from relatives and friends, and this can add to the confusion. If you feel you need help to use positive discipline techniques with your children there are plenty of resources available on and off-line. Find out as much information as you can, and then adapt the principles to make it work with your child and in your situation.

- Barbara White

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