Make a balloon rocket



Rockets are fascinating, and offer a wonderful hands-on opportunity to learn about important science concepts, such as velocity, force, Using only a few items you already have around the house, you may create and explore with your very own homemade Balloon Rockets.


Yarn (cut to about 6 feet)
2 chairs

1. Tie one end of the yarn to the back of a chair.
2. Thread a drinking straw onto the other end of the yarn, and then tie it to the second chair.
3. After attaching two pieces of tape (about 2 inches in length each) to the center of the straw, it is time for the real fun to begin.
4. Inflate the balloon (leaving the end untied), hold onto the opening so the air wouldn’t escape, and carefully attach it to the straw using the tape.
5. Finally, pull the balloon to one end of the yarn (touching a chair), and let go of it. The balloon shot across the yarn !,

The Balloon Rocket provides a meaningful example of action and reaction. It’s a fairly simple concept – to make an object move one way, a force has to work in the opposite direction. In this case, the balloon is full of air. When you let go of the balloon, causing the air to rush out of the opening, it creates a pushing force in the opposite direction. This results in the balloon moving rapidly across the yarn.

Real rockets work in a similar way. A rocket engine is powered by exploding fuel inside of a chamber that is open at the bottom. The force of the explosion creates an opposite force that pushes the rocket up and into space.

Our homemade version may not have quite as exciting as a real-life rocket, but it will surely provide a memorable and enjoyable learning

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