How to raise Christian kids that can handle the challenges of life



difficult but with God's help it is a manageable task.

Selfishness has long been the enemy of good parenting. Do not let convenience get in the way of being a good parent, and fight the impulse to impose your own will instead of God's. Your role as a Christian parent is a complex role, and it will combine disciplinarian, care-giver, and instructor in the ways of the Lord.

Christian Parenting: Making Your Relationship with the Lord First Priority

The first step on Christian parenting is to make sure that as a parent you have a relationship with the Lord. Without that, you will just be following a set of rules and your parenting will be doomed to failure.

The next step that all Christian families must take is making sure that the family dynamics reflect God's way.

Many parents wish to take a "do what I say, not what I do" stance when it comes to leading a Christian lifestyle, but such an attitude is not only foolish but goes against the will of God. If you want to raise your child in a godly manner, you will first need to examine your own life. It might be wise to take some time to sit down and consider your own relationship with the Lord.

If you want to encourage your child to follow in your footsteps, first make sure that you are on the right path. If you want to encourage your child to read the Bible, for example, you should set a good example. Guiding them in their reading is a good thing, but showing them it is something you desire for yourself will be a very powerful motivator.

Make sure that you follow the same path that you want to set for your child, and he or she should have an easier example to follow. This may require certain changes in your daily life, but they will be to the benefit of both yourself and your child.

One of the most important things you can do to raise a Christian family is to pray. Pray for the wisdom you need to raise a child in a Christian manner, and pray that your child has the heart to follow.

Turn to the Lord for help in raising your child, and you will always have an ally. If you can strengthen your own Christian faith, you can help your child to strengthen his or hers. Make sure to take the time to impress upon your child that a Christian lifestyle applies to the entire family.

Christian Parenting: Encouraging Your Child

One of the hardest parts about Christian parenting is motivating a child to stay on the right path. In a world that will constantly pull your child away from the truth, it can be difficult to keep your child from going astray. While rules and boundaries are important, it is equally as important that you encourage your child in his or her faith.

Look at Paul's letters in the New Testament for inspiration; while there is correction and boundary-setting, there is an equal amount of praise and encouragement for those in need.

Never let your child feel like he or she is alone in their faith. Take the time to share your own difficulties, and encourage them to share their problems. You should do your best not to judge your child, within reason.

If you see that they are straying, try to give them information and encouragement to return to God's way.

Use Biblical examples when appropriate, but also try to work in examples from you own life. Children cherish and learn from Bible stories, but also the stories from your own life.

Finally, make sure your family is involved in a good Bible teaching church. This community will help reinforce the teaching your children are getting at home and build bonds that help the child in difficult times to have others to walk with them through life.

There is no doubt that raising godly children is a difficult task. But Christian parenting is possible if you walk honestly, Biblically and humbly with God.

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Douglas Hammett has raised 4 children and now is enjoying his grandchildren. He has spent over 38 years in the ministry helping families raise strong, godly kids.

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