How to raise Christian kids that can handle the challenges of life



Christian parenting is definitely a challenge. However it also holds the key to raising stable and wise children.

It can be difficult to raise a child in a Christian manner. In a world that constantly mocks and attacks the Christian lifestyle, it is easy for a child to wander away. Your duty as a parent is to give them the upbringing they need to walk with the Lord. To do so, you must learn how God wants you to parent, provide an example for your child, and give them the Christian encouragement that they need.

Christian Parenting is Biblical Parenting

Christian parenting should always be based on the Bible. A wise Christian lives his or her life by the Book, and raising a child should be no exception.

This will require two very major commitments on the part of a parent.

First, it will take a willingness to actually become familiar with the Bible's views on parenting.

Next, it will require a commitment on the part of the parent to actually follow those views. While difficult, it will benefit both your child and your own walk with Christ.

The Bible's views on parenting stretch further than simply honoring one's mother or father.

A child should be obedient, of course, but a parent should also be caring.

The story of the Prodigal Son teaches that a parent's love for a child is unconditional, while stories like that of Noah and his sons teach a child's duty to honor his or her parents.

There are dozens of passages in the Bible about the duties between a parent and child, and it will take time to grasp them all. Consider devoting time each day to read about God's view on parenting, and you will be well rewarded.

Once you have the knowledge that you need, it must be implemented. Being a Christian parent can be


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