How parents encourage their children to lie



teens, by and large, won't honor a rule based entirely on the fact that you are their parent and that is the way it is. You will get further if you practice what you preach.

3: Adult Responsibilities come with the Privileges, too -

A teen once told me that his parents expect him to carry his own weight by holding down several jobs. They have taught him to be quite responsible; however, they treat him like a child with curfews and ground rules unfitting a responsible young adult.

Let your teen prove them self.

Take baby steps if necessary but match the level of responsibility you require of them with the level of freedom you grant them to make rational decisions. Wouldn't you rather be involved in the decision making process now when you are available to coach them rather than having them learn it on their own when they go off to college? As they learn from both good and bad experiences by holding down a job, let them have the same experiences with making decisions in their personal life. That's the challenge facing most parents of teens but is well worth it in the end.

The Center for Effective Parenting recommends that parents, "discuss why telling the truth is important... telling the truth lets other people know that they can be trusted."

4: Rules that are Embraced by Teens are Essential -

I don't think there is a human being alive that gets excited about a restriction that is imposed upon them without having an opportunity for their input.

Developing a process where the teen has an opportunity to take ownership in the family agreements will result in greater adherence than those that are imposed arbitrarily. Granted, there may be rules that the teen may not agree with initially but it is essential that parent's take the time to rationalize the thought process behind the ground rule. This may require a willingness on both sides to start with a ground rule and be open to renegotiating down the road.

Consideration should be given to the demonstration of the teen's adherence to the ground rule in a responsible way. Should a new ground rule meet with resistance, begin with a starting point, define a pattern of behavior that would demonstrate responsibility, and establish a timeline for renegotiation where both parties can embrace the ground rule.

Freedom is greatest when the boundaries are drawn.

When I coach parents and teens, I like to promote clearly defining boundaries, establishing agreements that are embraced by both parent and child, and creating a safe environment where honesty and mutual respect is honored.

Parenting teenagers is not an easy task. So, now we know why teens lie to parents, what are you going to do to help you and your teen life a happier... more fulfilled... (and more honest) life? If you are parenting a teenager, today is the time to take action to start setting your teen on the path to success and honesty.

Mark Hughes is an engaging, inspiring, down to earth Parenting and Teen life coaching expert that walks the walk, teaching from his own experiences as a parent and life coach.

In 1994, Mr. Hughes founded a non-profit organization call The Satori Institute with the purpose of making family education more readily available to all segments of the general public.

He is certified as a Family Wellness Instructor and with The International Network for Children and Families as an instructor for their curriculum, Redirecting Children's Behavior.

Mark specializes in helping newly single parents cope with their new responsibilities and roles as single parents. As a divorced parent himself, Mark provides a unique point of view and insight to newly divorced parents.

In addition, Mark helps teens craft their vision for their the future and helps them lay out the groundwork for striving for and reaching their dreams and goals.

Mark is in his final stages of his new book, "From Our Point of View: The Parent and The Teen, 'Preparing yourself for independence'."

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