How parent's bad drinking habit affects the child



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Some Reasons Why Alcoholism is a Disease

The medical field recognizes alcoholism as a disease because people who have this condition have uncontrollable cravings to drink. Blaming the drinker, yourself or others will not put an end to the condition. Taking the alcohol away from an alcoholic will not put an end to the condition. Just like other human diseases (acne, diabetes, coronary, cancer etc.), alcoholism will not go away by taking away the cause (i.e. not eating peanuts ends all acne). An alcoholic may have to battle this condition all of their life. Furthermore, this disease often requires direct medical interventions. Because a family member can't control the parent's condition and is not the cause of the parents problem drinking, the blame should be placed on the disease. The first thing your children need to know about regarding their parents' drinking problem is that they are not at fault. The second thing that the children need to know is that the parent is ill, has a disease and needs help.

What A Parent Can Do To Help Their Child

o If you are the parent who has a drinking problem, get help. Contact your medical doctor, health insurance company, employee assistance program, religious affiliation or Alcoholics Anonymous.

o The parent can enroll themselves and their children in support setting. Al-Anon and Alateen are nationally based program throughout the United States. Check your phonebook or Internet for the chapter closest to you. These programs, along with Alcoholics Anonymous will assist you in taking the right steps to help the drinking parent.

o Have a family intervention. If you (the other parent) and your children have a talking relationship with the drinking parent, sit down with the entire family. This may include relatives, friends, co-workers and anyone else who the drinking parent may respect. Before you meet with the drinking parent, meet with your intervention family team. Discuss what you will say and how you want to be loving and supportive while you say:

1."We love you and we want you to stop drinking."

2. "We want you to get help."

3. "Even if you don't think you have a problem, please see your doctor."

4. "We love you and we want you to get help."

o Don't be surprised if the parent refuses to get help. This does not mean that other family members can't seek help to get support for themselves. You can't control the drinking parent. You can control yourself.

o A parent may have to notify the school counselor if the kids need additional support. This school counselor, nurse, social worker or psychologist may have additional information to provide you as well as names and phone numbers of outside agencies that can help.

o Do not be ashamed or embarrassed! If the drinking parent had heart disease would you or your child be ashamed or embarrassed? Don't let these feelings stop you from getting help!

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