How parent's bad drinking habit affects the child



help in meeting the needs of your child who has a parent facing this disease.

Some Simple & Current Facts About Alcoholism

o Alcohol is the chemical fermentation or distillation of fruits or grains.

o Alcoholism is a diseased characterized by a compulsion to drink alcohol.

o The American Medical Association and the World Health Organization recognizes alcoholism as a disease.

o Alcoholism is a disease because of its impairment of the body's health and causes abnormal, progressive deterioration of the body's organs.

o Alcohol affects people differently. The immediate effects range from mild mood changes to complete loss of coordination, vision, balance and speech.

o Chronic alcoholism is a progressive and often fatal disease.

o An alcoholic craves alcohol. Once the body is addicted to alcohol, it relies on this chemical just as it relies on oxygen.

o Alcoholism affects an individual's mind. Alcoholics not only become physically dependent, they are often psychologically dependent.

o The causes of alcoholism have been hard to define. Most medical research doctors have come to the conclusion that alcoholism is caused by a blend of genetic, physical, psychological, environmental and social factors.

Signs Of Alcoholism In A Parent

o The parent's drinking interferes with family life.

o Parent is having job related problems.

o Parent appears be agitated, angry, sad or displaying unusual moods swings.

o Family plans are often changed or cancelled.

o Parent is getting into fights or argument with other family member(s).

o Personality changes while under the influence of alcohol.

o Parent has periods of time when he or she can't remember things or has "black outs."

o Parent gets intoxicated more and more often.

o Alcohol becomes a big part of a parent's life.

o Parent has on-going financial problems.

o Parent is spending more time with others who drink alcohol.

o Parent begins to hide alcohol in different places in the home.

o Parent denies that any of the signs above


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