How parent's bad drinking habit affects the child



Over 7 million children currently live in homes where one parent is an alcoholic. Twelve to fourteen million adults abuse alcohol or have chronic alcoholic behavior. One in five adults living today grew up in a home where one or both parents were alcoholics. Research shows that children living in a home where a parent is addicted to alcohol have a greater chance of emotional problems than children who live in a home where alcohol is not an issue. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 61 % of adults in the United States report that they drink alcohol. Thirty-two percent report that they drank five or more alcohol drinks in one day during the past year. Over 100,000 U.S. citizens die each year due to alcohol-induced experiences. Other research shows that more than half of all homicides, suicides and traffic accidents in the U.S. are alcohol related It's not hard to find information regarding the negative effects that alcohol has on the family.

In fact, I believe that if alcohol was discovered today, it would be illegal to consume in its present form. The fact that alcohol is here and we, as a country, took so long to deal with our denial of its negative effects, has kept us in a tolerating mode of its existence. The good news is, every individual in a family has a choice in how it chooses to consume this product before the individual and family becomes affected by its negative side effects. The sad news is children of alcoholic parents do not have a choice. They are often forced to live with the problem alcoholic parent. This portion of Scott Counseling will help you explore the world alcoholism in relationship to children without passing judgment. It will provided you, as the parent, with real


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