How good is old-fashioned parenting



What do you think of when you hear the term 'Old Fashioned Parenting'? It seems to have both negative and positive connotations to it. The negative would be that it is something that is outdated, a has been, something that it is now unachievable. The positive would be that is brings about some kind of feelings of familiarity, something that reminds us of the happy times in our childhood. Well, as with all things, each decade has its fads or trends. So, too with parenting. The way children were dressed, disciplined, schooled, addressed their parents, what toys they played with, what roles or jobs the parents had, have all changed over the decades.

There have been many different types of parenting styles too over the years. These vary from the authoritative parent right through to the permissive parent. These are still evident in today's modern society. The era would define the trend of parenting and this would vary from the submissive and docile housewife who always looked her best, the so called Stepford wife, through to the hippy parents, the parents that went through woman's lib and then into modern parenting. It doesn't seem to matter what era we were raised in we kind of all seemed to turn out OK... didn't we?

I do feel that moms of the past generations might not have all been working moms (and by that I mean earning a salary from an actual occupation) but rather moms that stayed at home with their children. Their job was to raise their children. They were the real homemakers. They seemed to have a way of serving their children instead of pleasing them. I believe there is a difference. Serving comes from a different heart or attitude than just giving or financial provision.

Dads seemed to have been the breadwinners


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