How to be an amazing parent



Don't allow your child to be disrespectful

It still amazes me that while a mother is in the midst of telling me how disgustingly rude and disrespectful her child is she still doesn't get it. I have interrupted literally thousands of parents and asked that question and the parent will almost always say, "No way". When I ask the parent why they didn't abuse their own parents they normally tell me they were TOO AFRAID. So of course I can't help myself and I just have to ask the obvious question. So WHY do you continue to let the little child do it then?

The most common answer I hear is! "I don't know why".

The real answer was they became afraid themselves as parents. That's why they teach bad manners to their children. The parents become so afraid that in their mind it would be easier to let the child misbehave than have to tackle it head on.

A child needs your love yes, but you need to train that child. The problem is it's the other way around.

Let me explain...

I had two parents of a wild 15 year-old girl arrive at my office in tears. Monica by their account was without a doubt totally in control of both parents. She had obviously had similar training at an early age just like young Jack. Both parents had run out of ideas. Here is what they had told me they had done so far to change the girl's behaviour.

1 Taken away her mobile phone

Why does a 15 year-old child need a mobile phone I hear you say to yourself?

2 Grounded her, which means not going out other than school

3 Stopped her from going on the computer and internet

So that was it, that was all they had done and they sat in my office, the mother with tears rolling down her cheeks and the father the same. I had them understand that here they were sat in my office with the weight of the world on their shoulders and their daughter was running their lives and loving it.


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