Foods that will make your kids smarter



The type of foods that children eat is reflected on the health they have. Children who love eating oily, sweet, and salty foods are more likely to be overweight and suffer from various health problems. On the other hand, children who are eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables have better chance of growing healthy and alert.

Eating well has multiple benefits both on the mental and physical health of children. It helps them be more alert and energize. It also reduces their risk of suffering from various conditions. Several studies also show that there are certain foods that can help improve the memory of children and enhance their brain power. Among the foods that are considered healthy to the brain are:

Fatty Fish:
Different types of fishes that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as sardines, salmon, and albacore tuna are known to provide a significant amount of DHA that the brain needs to transmit signals on various brain cells. It is advisable that parents give their children up to 6oz of this fish every week.

Experts note that fresh and frozen blueberries are excellent source of antioxidants that help protect the brain against free radicals that damages the brain cells. There are several ways parents can try to serve blueberries to their children. They can make a popsicle or a smoothie out of them. They can also use them as the main ingredients for making pastries.

Green, leafy vegetables:
Spinach, broccoli, kale and other green, leafy vegetables are one of the foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals such as iron. According a research study, iron deficiency can affect the proper brain development of children. Some of the ways to prepare these vegetables is by making a salad or by stir-frying them. Other sources of iron include beans, tofu, and turkey.

Whole-wheat grains and Oatmeal:
Various studies have already proven that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Research also reveals that giving children foods with low glycemic index such as cereals, oatmeal, and whole-wheat bread help fuel their brain. They also enable children to be more attentive throughout the day.

Although water cannot be considered as a food, it is very important to life. Water keeps the body hydrated, enabling the brain to think clearly. It is noted that insufficient supply of water in the body can reduce the amount of oxygen that flows to the brain. Parents should make sure that they give their children the recommended amount of water they need every day. For children who are 4 to 8 years old need around 57oz of water every day while 9 to 13-year-old children need about 81oz of water. Parents can also try giving their children fruits that have high water content including strawberries and watermelons.

Eating healthy foods has positive consequences in the physical and mental well-being of various individuals. Whenever they can, parents should give their children foods that are known for boosting the brain power.

- Caroline Pierce

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