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The Computer Kit Complete


The Computer Kit Complete is a portable computer anyone can make, like LEGO. You build and code it yourself. It’s a fun way to make, play and express your creativity with technology, and not just consume it. Learn to code in simple steps, use 100’s of third party apps like YouTube and Wikipedia, and so much more. The Complete Kit also includes an HD screen, battery, and sound sensor, all in one backpack friendly design.
Build your own computer. Make lights flash, discover how your computer works. With simple steps learn to code art, games, music and more. Don’t just play Minecraft, hack it to do something new. Perfect for beginners, expansive for experts. Endless play with a creative community

A simple storybook shows you how to build your own computer.
With playful projects learn to code art, music, games. Perfect for beginners.
Browse the internet, watch YouTube, write stories, 100+ apps.
Plugs into any HDMI screen.
Lifetime Care and 1 year warranty. For ages 6+

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