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We are looking for imaginative FREELANCE producers and presenters who have ideas for fresh and interesting radio programmes . The themes must primarily be OF INTEREST TO CHILDREN AND PARENTS. If you can create your own program wherever you are we will give you a FREE slot to host it on our radio broadcast.

1. Discussions and interviews on child care and parenting
2. Educational programs for children (all considered including language learning)
3. Reading from children story books
4. Children drama sketches
5. Playtime songs

DURATION: Program will either be of 24 minutes or 48 minutes long. It may be one off or regular for an entire quarter of broadcasting.

HOW: Produce your program wherever you are in the world, send it to us and we will slot it free.

How do you make money from this ? Find a sponsor or several sponsors for your program locally. Insert advertisement jingle for your sponsors in your program . You are done! Charge them whatever you like. We do not share your income.

Send your idea to stating what your idea will be about and also your location. Better still, send a sample/pilot program in mp3 .

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