Advertisements and Donations



There are several ways to support Auntie Mo Kids Radio. Please email for rates.

Youtube Videos
We invite you to place your children-oriented advertisement in the Auntie Mo Kids Radio Youtube Channel videos. Your inexpensive advertisement will be seen for many years and perhaps decade by children and their parents. You may chose between the African Night Tales children’s story videos or the Practical Parenting videos, both of which are monthly growing in number.
30 Seconds video advertisement $300
60 Seconds video advertisement $625

• All advertisements are shown at the end of the main video content.
• All advertisements are one-time lifetime rates.
• All advertisements are on PER VIDEO CONTENT basis

1. In-Programme Radio advertising jingle :
Perhaps your interest is more in the internet radio broadcast. Here you can have your jingle inserted in any program of your choice.
- 15 second jingle - per spot - $85/ 6 months or $145/ 12 months
- 30 second jingle - per spot - $185/ 6 months or $920/ 12 months
Prices are for 2 insertion per day in any programme of your choice

2, Sponsorship opportunities for specific programme (e.g Parents View, Inspired Classics,French Class, Book of the Day...etc)
Please ask for details

3. Website advertising:
You may otherwise wish to place your banner advertisement on the Auntie Mo website. You have a choice between placing a static advertisement on the front page and placing a randomly displayed rotational banner within the inner page contents pages.
Front Page (8 positions available) $425/ 6 months or $720/ 12 months
Inner Pages (Random Rotational) $145/ 6 months or $220/ 12 months

4. Inside- MobileApp Advertising
- Geo-fenced rotated display advertisement offered on per day basis.

5. Donations .
- Auntie Mo Kids Radio is a project of CISTD Foundation, registered in Nigeria as a NGO . You can make direct donation to the account as follows:
Whatever the combination of advertising/Donation support you give, please note that all funds will eventually be recorded in our books as DONATION and which may be tax-deductible.


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