4 Weight control tips for overweight kids



Overweight children need parental guidance in establishing a nutritious diet combined with a healthy level of physical activity. Controlling weight in children can be challenging and often frustrating, but here are four steps to weight control that are highly effective and very doable.

Be patient and persistent but not overly stern or dominating in your approach. It's not army boot camp.

Make it fun!

1. Be the Leader and Role Model

You can't expect your child to follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly if you are glued to the TV munching on a jumbo sized bag of potato chips. Be motivational and provide a good dose of positive reinforcement to make exercise a fun activity for the whole family.

It is important to eat as many of your healthy meals as possible together, as a family, without distractions such as a blaring TV. This approach assures that the overweight child does not feel singled out and is not the main focus of attention.

An additional benefit to this approach is that it allows the family to interact much more closely, leading to strengthening of family bonds and resulting in a better understanding of each other.

2. Knowledge is Power

Explain the importance of good nutrition and how it ties in with exercise to achieve a healthy weight. The more an overweight child understands this relationship, the more likely the child will accept both, healthy foods and regular exercise.

Consider involving the child in the planning of a meal, and in the process explain the nutritional values of what is chosen. Obviously you don't want to bury the child with information overload because nothing will stick, plus the child will not understand and will quickly loose interest or become frustrated.

Eventually allow the child to plan a meal, and again, discuss the nutritional aspect of what the child chooses. It is amazing how quickly the child will absorb information and begin to make good choices.

3. Team Spirit

It's important to involve your child in decision making and planning. Involve your child in some of the decisions about planning a healthy meal, teach how to read nutrition labels and post a picture of the nutrition pyramid.

These are great learning tools. Bundle these elements together and tie them to the role of exercise in burning off excess calories and present that as the package that will allow the child to maintain a healthy weight for life.

4. Be Determined

Be determined and persistent in your action plan to provide the obese child with a nutritious diet and regular exercise. You are not only helping to establish a healthy weight now, but you also are giving the child the gift of a healthy lifestyle that will carry into adulthood.

As a parent, you can't do better than that!

In addition to these four steps for weight control, learn strategies that are proven effective in combining diet and exercise as tools for weight management.

In addition to these four steps for weight control, learn strategies that are proven effective in combining diet and exercise as tools for weight management. Get the exciting details, along with expert advice on proven successful measures for weight control for your overweight child. We are parents, and it is up to us to teach the importance of good eating habits and exercise so that our kids grow healthy into adulthood, and remain healthy.

-Robbie J. Green
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