30 Commandments of parenting

in their lives.

Spend time (quality and quantity) with your children. Play with them and have fun with them often. Fun parents make happy children. Create fun activities and traditions. We are parents, teachers and authority figures, but we can also be fun friends. Cherish the times that are spent together. This will create memories that will last in the hearts and minds of them and you for life.

Be attentive, vigilant and observant to your child's life.If you see problems or potential problems early, they can be more easily corrected. Teach them those skills to use in their own life. Prevention is usually easier than resistance or correction.

Keep your children safe. Provide them a safe environment. Protect them at al costs. There are many dangers and threats, especially when they are young. Be observant and aware of your children's surroundings. When my children were young, I was often referred to as worrisome. But I always believed in being passionate about my children's survival and well being. Like the old saying goes, "It's better to be safe than sorry."

Teach your children about self preservation. Children develop natural survival instincts, but it is important to explain to them the physical dangers in the world. It's also important to teach them about the limits and vulnerabilities of their bodies. I taught my children at a young age about their anatomy. I also taught them about unnecessary risks and dangers. Examples of unnecessary risks would be: Riding on motorcycles and all terrain vehicles, and other dangerous/risky activities for thrill only.

When children get older, then it's important to teach self preservation in many forms from keeping themselves alive and healthy to maintaining all aspects of their lives.

Take your children's health seriously. Keep a healthy environment for them. Be an advocate for health. Be weary about what


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