30 Commandments of parenting



same for children and they can form habits (good and bad) very easily and quickly.

Respect your children as individuals. They have their own minds and lives. The will have their own personalities, ideas, and feelings about the world. Always remind yourself that they are individuals, and they are their own person. They are not you and may have different thoughts and actions. Always respect their dignity. We must be very careful not to oppress our children. We should treat them how we would like or expect to be treated.

Instill happiness and self worth in your children. Show them positivity, not negativity. Be careful and thoughtful of your children's feelings and needs. It's terrible when parents inflict damage on their children's psyches. It's not fair to children. Oppression is wrong. Many children carry these emotional damages well into their adult lives and even spread it to their own children.

We need to make our children feel loved, wanted, needed and useful. This will give them a sense of importance and self worth. We equally need to encourage them and teach them to be confident and love themselves. We should always want to lift them up when they are down. We need to be an inspiration to our children.

Do not humiliate your children. We want our children to be proud of themselves. At time, children make mistakes or do things that are not good or shameful. We should still treat them with dignity as we teach them right from wrong. Humiliation and shame are painful emotions for children to deal with. Our main focus in our disciplinary tactics should not be to make them feel ashamed of themselves. This can permanently damage their confidence and self esteem. I like to use privacy and confidentiality when disciplining a shameful act.

Give your children praise. Compliment


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