11 tips to help your children excel at school



personal attire. Choose clothes and shoes that children can play, do arts and crafts, run and sit on the floor.

Monitor What Children Bring To School

Toys, video games, electronics, trading cards etc. are not conducive to learning. By monitoring what children bring to school and not allowing children to bring distractions, parents help focus children on learning. It is okay for parents to check backpacks.

Intervene When Appropriate and Be a Child's Advocate

The parents' first assumption should be that having chosen a quality school with quality teachers, that their children will be handled appropriately. Situations that arise with behavior, difficulty with subject matter and social issues will in most cases be dealt with professionally and skillfully by the teacher(s).

There will be situations that come up when a parent must step in as the child's advocate. Parents should listen to both the teacher's take on the situation as well as the child's. Parents should be wary of looking for a short term gain at the expense of the long term lesson i.e.: by negotiating grades.

Create an Atmosphere that Supports Homework Completion

Find out what homework assignments have been given and when they are due. Create a comfortable, well lit, quiet location for children to sit and do homework. Be available for questions and assistance, and make sure children complete homework.

Reading to children or with children should be a part of the nightly homework assignment and bedtime ritual. Young children can be held close and read to, or parents can take turns reading to and being read to by older children. Nightly reading should be for pleasure to teach a love of reading. Reading before bedtime will encourage children to use their imaginations and give them the necessary motivation to read for themselves.

Sick Kids Need to Stay in Bed

Keep children at home if they are exhibiting any symptoms that are contagious to others. Check with school policy, but usually fevers, runny noses, vomiting, and diarrhea are all symptoms that should keep children tucked in bed for the day. If parents are vigilant the school stays healthier throughout the year.

Make sure that the school has updated telephone numbers for parents. Children feel more secure too if they memorize mom's or dad's cell phone number even if they never need it.

Pack a Healthy Lunch that Delivers High Energy Foods

Pack lunches with healthy foods. Proteins and complex carbohydrates like carrots, cheese, crackers, 100% fruit juice, turkey, sliced fruit are all tasty items for a lunch and will give children sustainable energy for the day.

Dinnertime is the Perfect Time for Discussing the Day

Sitting down to dinner as a family is a great way for parents to connect with children and discover how the day went. Parents can ask questions about school subjects, social interactions, successes and concerns. The family meal should remain upbeat, warm and loving, a haven for the family at the end of the day.

For instance, one mother discovered during dinner that her son was having difficulty understanding the oral instructions for completing reading exercises in a workbook. Knowing that her child was a visual learner, she shot off a quick email to the teacher requesting a visual demonstration of the material in addition to the oral. This simple intervention, based on a mealtime conversation, solved the problem quickly and alleviated what could have been prolonged anxiety.

Parents should not feel intimidated by teachers and administration and should be comfortable discussing their concerns with the appropriate administrative staff. It is beneficial to everyone to be compliant with school policy. By following the above steps, parents can become an important part of their child's educational experience, their child's advocate, and feel included in the learning process. In addition, parents will help make their child's educational experience a positive and non-stressful one. Parents should remember that although their child will be taught by many different teachers over the course of their educational years, parents are ultimately the child's most important teachers and role models.

Elena Neitlich is the co-founder and CEO of Moms On Edge. Moms on Edge, LLC designs, manufactures and sells children's behavioral products. Moms on Edge mission is to create products that promote peace, quiet and good behavior. Elena is the proud mother of Noah (5) and Seth (2). She is committed to raising really great people. For more information go to http://www.momsonedge.com


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