11 tips to help your children excel at school



goodbye, and leave the building. Prolonging goodbyes is upsetting to most children. Good teachers are equipped to handle upset children, and children rarely continue to cry after the parent leaves. By being strong at drop off, the parent models and supports independence.

Drop off time is not the right time for a teacher conference. Drop off is a hectic time for teachers, and parents deserve a teacher's undivided attention when discussing their children. Teachers are usually very happy to schedule time for parent/teacher conferences at times when they can devote enough time to parent's concerns. Short e-mails to teachers addressing questions and concerns are usually responded to promptly and with insight and care.

Observe a Class

Make an appointment with your child's teacher to come into the classroom and observe a part or all of your child's day. Observing the child's day allows parents to see the classroom through the child's eyes and from the perspective of the teacher. Classroom observation also tells the child that his/her parent is interested and concerned.

Get Involved

Make time to volunteer in the classroom or school. Tutoring and chaperoning are great ways to keep a finger on the pulse of the classroom. Volunteering time to the school helps out the school and more importantly demonstrates to children that education is of value.

Create and Follow a Dress Code to Keep the Focus on Learning

Follow the dress code of the school. If the school does not have a dress code, parents can create and enforce an appropriate dress code for the family. Many parents mandate that clothes exposing the upper thighs or buttocks are not appropriate for school. Tight shirts and low cut pants that expose the midriff in any way are also not appropriate for school. The goal is to place the focus on learning and studying not on


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